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Apple Will Patents Periscope Lens for New Generation iPhone

01 - Apple Will Patents Periscope Lens for New Generation iPhone

It was rumored that Apple added a periscope zoom lens to its iPhones last year, but the company has yet to launch a smartphone with a dedicated camera with a zoom function. However, it appears that the technology is still in the works as the company has patented the “Periscopic Camera Module”.

According to the PatentlyApple report, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released the new patent application today (January 29, 2021). In the document, the invention of the giant based in Cupertino is envisaged for folding camera technology with a range of 85 to 165 mm. This foldable camera can be used in a small form factor camera module. This patented camera has two lightweight folding elements and a lens system that lies between these two elements. informasi

In addition, the lens system itself can not be dependent on the light convolution element and can also comprise lens elements with an aperture stop and lens elements with refractive power, which are attached to the lens tube. In simpler terms, the camera system essentially offers a superior optical zoom function, which is also combined with additional digital zoom functions, as quoted from Gizmochina, Friday (29.1.2021).

The technology is predicted to be available on the next generation iPhone. However, it is currently unknown whether the new camera lens will ship with the iPhone 2021 range. In particular, the patent documents also add that this camera lens is not limited to just those iPhones, and we could even see it debut on “PC systems, desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and many other similar devices” . That said, it could be that Apple currently covers all bases. So stay tuned for more updates.