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Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Target Market

05 - Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Target Market

Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 series online on Wednesday (28/1/21). The three have different prices as well as the target market. Selvia Gofar, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics Indonesia, announced that the Selvia Galaxy S21 5G and S21 + 5G have the same goal, namely young people who enjoy sharing content on social media.

Unsurprisingly, 5G and S21 + 5G have a more diverse range of colors, from phantom pink to phantom purple to others.

The more feature-rich Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is aimed at those who are serious about sharing content on social media and other platforms.

“Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. This is for typical people who create content that needs to be neat and the epic has different layers so that is our goal there,” Selvia said. Selvia said that several innovations were unveiled to assist the target Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G users who want the best camera quality with high quality photos and visual video content in all conditions.

In addition, with the support of the fastest processor, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G brings the most epic mobile experience for users who want a smartphone with the most advanced technology and the best performance ever on a Galaxy smartphone.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is getting a stunning design update compared to the previous series. With the legendary contour cut on the camera housing, which fits seamlessly into the frame,

This device is available in the colors Phantom Black and Phantom Silver and is perfect for social expressors who want a premium look with a timeless design. Susu Etawa Murni

Selvia added that by introducing the Galaxy S21 5G, S21 + 5G and S21 Ultra 5G, Samsung aims to provide devices that will be ready to use the 5G network when the network becomes available in the future. “The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series is compatible with several spectra, including one. The Indonesian government will make it available for the 5G network in the future,” said Selvia.

Sony Xperia Pro Sold At A High Price

04 - Sony Xperia Pro Sold At A High Price

After a long time with no news, Sony surprisingly released its newest flagship smartphone, the Xperia Pro. So far, however, this mobile phone has not been marketed in the US until it was announced in February 2020.

And it’s not just the release news, the selling price is pretty surprising. This flagship costs $ 2,500, or the equivalent of 35.2 million rupees. The Xperia Pro quoted by GSMArena is a harder version of the Xperia 1 II with four 5G antennas (mmWave) and a micro-HDMI port. This port can be used as an external monitor for Sony Alpha cameras that can connect to an FTP server.

These advanced features allow users to upload photos and videos directly at mmWave speed. Then the camera view can be used as an external monitor with a higher quality. The ability to see this feature is probably quite advanced.

From the spec side, this phone uses a 6.5 inch 4K HDR OLED screen. In terms of engine, the Xperia Pro is equipped with the Snapdragon 865 chipset.

In the camera area, the Xperia Pro has three 12 MP cameras that offer phase detection autofocus on all sensors. And it is supported with autofocus for the human and animal eyes as well as with 20 frames per second with AF (autofocus) and AE (automatic exposure).

Officially Released, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G With Leading Camera

03 - Officially Released, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G With Leading Camera

Samsung Electronics Indonesia officially presented the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G on Wednesday (January 27th, 2021) via live streaming. Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Electronics Indonesia, said that the Galaxy S21 Ultra showcases a smartphone with the latest innovations in the current Galaxy series.

Yoonsoo Kim said the Galaxy S21 Ultra Excellence comes with the Exynos 2100 processor, first introduced in the Galaxy series, for professional camera quality and fastest performance. He explained that the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is equipped with a quad camera consisting of 12 MP ultra wide-angle, 108 MP wide-angle and 10 MP dual telephoto lenses with 3 and 10 times optical zoom and additional laser autofocus, The Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is a major choice for social expressors looking to take their visual performance to the next level.

“Samsung continues its commitment to delivering innovation that pushes boundaries and solutions based on the user experience by building an integrated Galaxy ecosystem,” said Yoonsoo Kim. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is supported by the largest dynamic 6.8-inch AMOLED display in the series. Coupled with the increase in advanced AI performance, users are pampered with the adaptive refresh rate of 10Hz to 120Hz which is automatically adjusted as users access other content by watching videos or just sending short messages to help users get the best Enjoying screen display with still image can save battery power.

Selvia Gofar, Head of IT & Mobile Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics Indonesia, said the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has received a sleek design update that is stunning compared to the previous series. With the legendary contour cut on the camera housing, which fits seamlessly into the frame . Bibit Vanili

The top-notch camera system returns to the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with various technological improvements and new AI features specially designed for premium visual quality.

Oppo Reno5 5G, the 5G Smartphone Offers the Best Prices and Specifications

02 - Oppo Reno5 5G, the 5G Smartphone Offers the Best Prices and Specifications
OPPO officially unveiled the Reno5 5G device in Indonesia on January 22nd. The Reno5 5G is a Reno5 series device that takes advantage of the 5G processor and the fastest charging in the industry, SuperVOOC 2.0. The Reno5 5G sold for 6,999 million rupees, making it a device that supports 5G networks at the best price.

5G itself is a fifth generation network technology that offers the advantage of low latency. The low latency offers a new experience in uploading and downloading data over the Internet network. With low latency, there are several ways you can use 5G, such as: B. Using Internet of Thing (IoT) devices that work better. Using low latency also allows us to stream high definition multimedia content such as 4K resolution movies that can be played smoothly.

That being said, from the gaming site we can later play games with AAA graphics quality on a smartphone using cloud games, and all of them are played online with no connection issues.

The concern of 5G users about battery power, which tends to be wasteful, was also anticipated by OPPO with various power saving features built into the ColorOS 11.1 operating system. In addition, OPPO is equipping Reno5 5G with the fastest and safest charging system in the world, SuperVOOC 2.0. This 65 watt charging system can promise a full 35-minute charge of the Reno5 5G’s 4300 mAh battery. With 5 minutes charging time on Reno5 5G, you can watch videos without pausing for 4 hours.

Reno5 can now be ordered through an exclusive online sales network on the Shopee e-commerce website and the OPPO Store offline sales network, or through stores selling OPPO smartphone devices across Indonesia. The advantage of an online order is the addition of a limited 3in1 gift box consisting of a smartphone holder, a smart bracelet and a bluetooth headset, 0% interest on credit card payments from all banks and free shipping.

In the meantime, the offline distribution network will only receive a limited 3in1 gift box. This offer is valid until February 4th, 2021.